Thursday, September 24, 2009


I'd heard about Facebook but I was resistant. My sisters started Facebook pages and then my mom did too. Still I resisted which caused my sister Amy to threaten, "If you don't start a Facebook page, I'm going to start one for you." Fine, whatever. A few days later I get an email from Amy letting me know my Facebook page is up and I should check it out. I click on the link and she has in fact started a Facebook page under the guise of being me.

I am anxious to read my info to see what "I" wrote. Hmmm, Amy's gotten most everything right, even my favorite foods. She's remembered my favorite song, too. My favorite song from 1982. Are there a few things I could change or add? Yes but then I would be doing my Facebook page and this is Amy's Facebook page of me. I scan down and see that I am a member of a few groups. Who knew? I click on photos and see that Amy has uploaded some random pictures from her collection to my page. She's also made an album called "My Sisters-My Best Friends" and filled it with photos of herself and Chantel. I then spend a few minutes clicking on my first, few friends, checking their "status"and perusing their photos.

Amy emails me to see if I like my page. Sure, I write back, but can you put some pictures of me and my family on my page? She tells me I can do it myself, easily. Never mind, I write back. Amy asks for my email password. "Why do you want my password?" I ask. "Are you saying you won't give me your password?" Amy questions back. "Maybe I won't. It's not safe to give out your password," I respond. "Why do you want it?" "So I can get into your address book and find more Facebook friends. It does a search and then makes requests for you!" she explains. I type my password and send it to her.

The friends start trickling in. Everyone I request to be my friend accepts me! This is all very nice. I click around and read my friends' updates and look at their photos. A few people send me messages and I respond to them. Clicking, clicking, reconnecting and remembering and then I realize I've been on the computer for 50 minutes. My how time flies when I'm doing "nothing". It surprises me how easy it is to spend nearly an hour reading that someone needs coffee, is packing, has a cold, just made cookies, ran 3 miles, can't find a decent plumber, wants his team to win, will be glad when the weather changes, etc. It takes a while to read the status updates of over 100 friends. Yeah that's right, 100 friends. I'm very popular.

So I find myself on Facebook infrequently and when I'm there it's usually a short visit. Maybe I'm not that into Facebook because I'm afraid. I admit it, I'm afraid. That blinking status cursor scares me. How do I sum up what I'm thinking, feeling or doing in just a few words? Can I be honest on Facebook or do I have to be funny and cheerful? Should I try to say something witty or clever or just keep it simple? The pressure is too much and that's why I type a status update in the box about every 2 months. There's something else I must admit and that is my inability to upload photos to the Facebook page. I know, I know it's "not that hard" but I can't/won't do it. The Facebook page is pressure for me which is why Amy had to start it in the first place.

I did check my Facebook page today and was thrilled to see a friend's status update saying her husband is still cancer-free! Recent blood tests gave a good report and she is rejoicing and thanking God for that good news. She will get lots of comments from friends congratulating her and I can imagine that will make her day even sweeter. I love this use of Facebook.

I check the request section of my page and see that I have 2 friend requests (one is from Gator Pit BarBQue), 1 page suggestion, 1 causes video invitation and 67 other requests. A quick scan of the other requests reveals someone has thrown a taco at me starting a Food Fling, I'm up for the nicest person award as well as the most lovable person award, my presence is requested for a game of Mafia Wars and if I accept some kind of flower, I can fight global warming. The list continues yet time's up for this visit to Facebook so I won't be getting to all those requests today, probably not tomorrow either.

Please don't take it personally if you tried to "request" me for something and I didn't respond. I'm not really sure how all of that works. Ditto for me sending you fun stuff too. I've heard I can send a cupcake to someone but I don't know how to do that or why I would do that. Even though I lack a passion for all those fun extras on Facebook, I do like to read your updates and see your family photos. It's nice to have a quick way to keep up with what's going on in my friends' lives.

Thanks for checking out the blog and I'll see you on Facebook, maybe.


  1. This Amy is great! What a sister! I hear she has almost 600 friends so she must be more popular than you! It sounds to me like you are being cynical, dissing facebook but then "using" it when you want. That is not right. Facebook is amazing! It is ministry! Share the love of Jesus! As far as status goes, I use the rule of don't get too deep, and if you do, throw in some shallow statuses for the next few or people might start hiding your status updates!!!