Thursday, December 17, 2009


Photo evidence to support Tuesday's tale of childhood Christmases.

Evidence of my first Christmas and my parent's first bleary-eyed Christmas.

Evidence of my chunky monkeyness. 11 months old in this photo. Does that horsey have a strained look on his face?

Evidence of the sardine sisters. Middle sister Chantel on the left. Always sweet-looking. Baby sister Amy (A.K.A. Renee') in the middle. Always looks like she's up to something. And me on the right proudly displaying the Christmas tree I made for my room from a bare branch.

Evidence that our mother really did let us sit on the counter and make a big mess of cookies. Also, evidence that I have always had a big mouth.

Evidence of the Sears store Santa to whom I am related. I believe this was the year I asked Santa for a make-over.

Evidence of a cherished memory. See those girls clutching the rails? The only people in the photo not skating? The ones all decked out in the latest fashions? My sisters and I at the Dallas Galleria mall after Christmas. Dad would put cash in our stockings and we all five would drive to the big city, stay in a deluxe hotel and shop the malls. We'd eat the fancy Sunday brunch at the Hyatt hotel near Reunion arena. Dad paid too much and we ate too little but he wanted us to know how to act at nice places. I hope we behaved.

Cannot resist pointing out Amy's two tone jeans. Dark denim coming and light denim going. When are those coming back?


  1. Christina - reading this post and seeing these pictures makes me so happy. How wonderful to take a moment to look back, to recall childish glee, especially when we are now carving memories of our own little ones. Very touching stuff here.

  2. Cherished memories. I just put up a post with a similar them - mostly about Christmas trees and family traditions. Hope your family has a wonderful Christmas.

  3. As always, I am WAY ahead of everyone else on the latest fashion. It's like two pair for the price of one!