Monday, October 26, 2009


A special operations update.

We've had a breakthrough with Operation Blood Pressure Cuff Desensitivity.

"Big giant mama," he said. Zach and I were taking turns placing the cuff on each other's arm in an attempt to get comfortable with it. Big giant mama?


"Big giant mama," he repeats.

Big giant mama? Big giant mama? Why does that sound familiar? And then it hits me. "Big giant mama" sounds almost exactly like "big giant beach ball" which is what Zach says when he wants a beach ball inflated. With the hand operated air pump we keep in the garage. With a hose attached to it. Which we operate with a repetitive motion. Which makes a whooshing sound. Which makes the beach ball grow larger and larger and get tighter and tighter. Which is very similar to the sights and sounds of the blood pressure cuff.

I heard Andy pull into the garage and I ran out to tell him what Zach said, "Big giant mama!"


"Big giant mama. Sounds like when Zach says 'big giant beach ball' and then we inflate the beach ball and that's like the blood pressure cuff."

"What are you saying?"

"Zach thinks we are trying to inflate him!"

Andy agreed with me. This made perfect sense. Perfect sense if you think like Zach and not like everyone else. Now our mission includes convincing Zach that he will not get bigger when his blood pressure is taken. It's not the same as inflating a beach ball.

We're working on this but haven't made much progress. Yesterday Zach placed the cuff on brother's arm and said, "Big giant Jake."


  1. Congratulations! And best of luck with the continued Operations.

    Also, these posts are so lovely to read. They might make a really great memoir one day.

  2. Yes, I agree with the above comment! Conclusion - Zach is smart and perceptive and we are not.