Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Zach likes his cereal dry. Probably because he is not a big fan of milk but he seems to be a big fan of buoyancy. I've watched him examine Jake's bowls of cereal with milk somewhat in awe. But still he stuck with ordering his cereal dry.

A while ago he asked for "cereal whip milk" and I thought OK, here we go, cereal with milk just like the other kids. I filled a bowl with Alpha Bits, added the requested milk and served it right up. "I want more milk," he said. I poured. "I want more milk, please." Like I said, a fan of buoyancy.

Zach didn't eat the cereal whip milk. He sunk letters and watched them float back up. He did put the spoon to his lips but couldn't do it. Must have been the milk. Back to dry cereal.

Tonight I poured myself a bowl of Frosted Flakes, topped it with milk and secured the bag of cereal with a chip clip. (Just had to say that.) I sat down to enjoy my dinner and Zach took an interest. I offered a bowl but he declined. "No, no," once for cereal , once for milk.

The phone rang and I left what was left of my meal, just a few maverick flakes and a decent amount of milk. (My milk to cereal ratio was off. I hate when that happens.) Zach moved in and I watched. He picked up the spoon loaded with milk but then poured it back into the bowl and then he did it again, and again. The call ended and I joined Zach at the table. I watched as he captured a flake in a spoonful of milk. "Gotcha!" he bragged. And then he ate it. Cereal whip milk. Just like the other kids but exactly like Zach.


  1. Thanks for that glimpse into a moment of your life! You wrote it beautifully!

  2. again felt like I was there! and wish I were there! How many wonderful things do we miss because we are so busy and our minds so cluttered. I want to be like Zach! ooooh, maybe a book title?

  3. I love this. A simple and subtle story that highlights the endearing nuances of your little boy. For me, this is my favorite thing about blogging - capturing the tiny details of life's small moments. There are so many magical flecks of moments that would slip away if we didn't take the time to scribble it all down. Now you will never forget cereal whip milk :)

  4. I want to squeeze him!!! YOu are such a good mommy for getting into his world and not always complaining that he's not in yours. His world is so much fun!