Monday, October 26, 2009

Pick Your Battles

The perfectionist in me would like to call a family meeting and demonstrate the proper operation of a chip clip.

Apparently there are people in this house who think a certain level of staleness is acceptable. Or there are people in this house who know someone else will come along and tidy this mess right up. But I am not going to call that meeting. I am a recovering perfectionist and I will let this go, after I post it on this blog with photos.

Good mother (and wife) or subconsciously filing this away and will bring it up later?


  1. That is exactly how my kids do it! Actually the other day I opened a box and the packaging was smushed down with the clip just laying on top. This deserves a family meeting, I am far from a perfectionist and this even bothers me.

  2. Should you opt to hold said Chip Clip Conference, could you do it via conference call so my kids can listen in??? *sigh*