Thursday, October 15, 2009

Operation Silenced Parrot

Because when you have a child who is special, you need special operations. The first of 2 briefings covering our current operations

Zach's social skills teacher is floored that he repeats things, floored! "He can't do that!" she says. Oh but he can, I think.

"How has he gotten away with this?" she wants to know. The social skills teacher continues, "I said, 'Zach what did you have for lunch today?' and he said, 'What did you have for lunch today', but didn't answer the question, he just repeated what I said."

"Well sometimes Zach repeats because he doesn't know what to say but he knows he is expected to say something," I offer.

"Well he has got to stop," she states. "He may not know all the answers but he can do more than he's doing."

And with that she demonstrates the procedure for carrying out what I'm calling Operation Silenced Parrot.

Step 1. Ask Zach a question, start with something he can actually answer. "Zach are you ready for school?"

Step 2. If Zach begins by saying "Are you rea", hold up your hand indicating he should stop. (Confession- as the social skills teacher demonstrates this with a series of spoken stops, nos, shhs plus hand motions, I can't help but think of that scene in the Austin Powers movie where Austin shushes his teen-aged son.)

Step 3. Ask again.

Step 4. If Zach repeats, nip it in the bud and remind him that you've asked a question and he needs to give an answer, no repeating.

Step 5. Ask again and praise him when that sweet voice answers the question.

At home I inform Andy of the task we've been assigned. At school I share the new information with the teachers. We're all on it.

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  1. what a pain in the butt teacher! I'm a friend of Renee's, so you can blame her for my rudeness.