Wednesday, November 11, 2009

If We Were Cookies

"If we were cookies, what kind of cookies would we be?" Andy was caught off guard by my ridiculous question but he couldn't resist. As he thought about it I answered for him, "You would be a Nutter Butter."

"Nutter Butter, why?"

"Because you're tall and sort of the same color as a Nutter Butter and people like Nutter Butters." Also some people are highly allergic to Nutter Butters. This I kept to myself.

He thought about it, "Yeah I like Nutter Butters. What about you? Something nutty."

I was surprised Action Andy continued the silly cookie discussion with me but you try it at home, it's hard to resist comparing yourself to cookies. "Well I'm thinking I'm a Pecan Sandie because I'm Southern and pecans are Southern but the Pecan Sandie is simple too, but a little nutty."

"Yeah, nutty," Andy agreed.

"Jake is a chocolate chip cookie because he is all-American. Chocolate chip cookies are everybody's favorite," I said.

"But he's not just chocolate chip, there's something more." Andy had a point. Our Jake is best-all-around but with flair. We agreed on Rainbow Chocolate Chip for Jake.

Last but not least was Zach. This would be easy. "Teddy Graham," I announced.

"Teddy Graham," Andy repeated. Delicious, irresistible, can't-get-enough-of Teddy Graham.

Tell me about your family of cookies and dare me to send out this family portrait for our Christmas card, too.


  1. LOL! what would I be?

  2. Anonymous sister- you would be a Fudge Stripe cookie.

  3. Love this. Need to brainstorm what cookie I would be. (Certainly not a black and white!)

  4. Aidan- Hope you figured out your cookie self, and your husband and girls too.