Friday, November 20, 2009

People Hear What They Want to Hear and Zach is No Exception

Last night in the kitchen, "Jake, did you decide to run for secretary or class president?"

"Class president," he responded.

Zach's ears perked up. "Zach's presents?"

"No," I told him, "not Zach's presents, class president."

"Zach's presents?"

Tonight in the kitchen, "Who wants a turkey and cheese sandwich?"

Zach's ears perked up. "Chuck E. Cheese sandwich?"

"No, not Chuck E. Cheese, turkey and cheese."

"I want Chuck E. Cheese sandwich, please"


  1. Precious! I want to squeeze him! and Jake running for class president....I love it! He will definately win! love the dialogue, want ot hear more!

  2. I love these little anecdotes. And isn't this how life is? We say one thing and people hear what they want to hear? Too bad it isn't always this precious when it happens!

  3. Chantel- Jake didn't get elected president. Competition was fierce, 11 of 19 kids ran for president. Everybody wants to rule the world. I did like his slogan, "I am the best president."

    Aidan- yes, lack of preciousness as people get older:)

  4. Lol! Who could win when every kid voted for themself?! I think Zach got his selective hearing from Action Andy!