Thursday, November 5, 2009

Picture Perfect

You know those blogs where the writer posts beautiful photos and then offers tips on lighting, exposure, speed, etc? This is not one of those blogs.

Monday night Zach and I went to Jake's baseball game. Zach spent a few minutes here and there actually watching the game. He spent much of his time trying not to land in the mud as he repeatedly jumped over a puddle and trying not to fall off the top of the bleachers where he insisted on sitting (when he sat).

I cut him off from the concession stand after he purchased two Kit Kats and ate three. Seems the nice lady working the counter gave Zach a Kit Kat on the house for being such a good customer. There were still innings to play and time to fill so I handed Zach the camera.

He snapped this first picture and showed it to me,"See?"

"Great picture, Zach. Go take some more. Take a picture of Jake."

He went back to the fence and took these three pictures plus others like them and proudly showed them to me.

"See?" he said sweetly. "Look at the picture."

Between innings, Action Andy, who was in charge of loading the ball into the pitching machine, walked to the fence and bent down to chat with Zach. "See," as he showed his daddy the camera. Andy grinned and said "Yeah, good, I love you," then put his game face back on and headed for the dugout.

The moon was full and worth photographing. "Zach take a picture of the moon," I suggested. So he did.

"Big, giant, white, circle moon." His description, heavy on adjectives, had my heart heavy with love.

The moon was big that night but too far away for my amateur photographer to capture. But those field lights sort of look like the moon, if you squint.

Then my beautiful boy noticed how a mom placed her camera lens through the fence to take a picture. My Zach did the same and got this shot.

It's not Jake but it's not fence either. "Great picture Zach, wow!" And then he took more pictures of the fence.

I love seeing life through a unique lens. I love that my child thinks the links in the fence are more interesting than the team on the field. I love having my own personal guide on a tour of different.

When I picture perfect, I picture Zach.


  1. I just want to say how much I enjoy your blog. I found you through your comments on Aidan's blog and I'm so glad I was intrigued enough to click over. I'm consistently inspired by your loving, patient, and nurturing parenting. Thanks for posting.

  2. Wow, Christina, you have such a beautiful heart and beautiful perspective on your son. It's incredibly inspiring! Thanks for sharing so openly!

  3. Once again, Andy enters the picture and I get teary eyed. Those are beautiful photos Zach took. He is picture perfect!

  4. I've often said that looking through a camera lens somehow opens up life with new perspectives. This post is evidence of that, capturing Zach's perspective perfectly.

  5. Gale-Thanks for coming over from Aidan's. I love her blog! I appreciate your sweet words. With my boys the loving and nuturing has come naturally but I've really had to work on patience!

    Thanks Jody- perspective is key. I hope to be open so other people can see the beauty in different.

    Sara- I knew you would say that about Andy:) Seems Action Andy is getting his own following, my neighbor says she likes his parts in the story because he IS action. Would you like Zach to photograph your next event?

    Joanne- one of the coolest things about Zach is his unique perspective. I would miss so much without him.

  6. Hi Christina,

    What a sweet, funny post. It's nice to meet you.