Monday, November 30, 2009

Parenting Tip: Candy for Breakfast is a No-No

It is important that your child eat a healthy breakfast every morning. It is the most important meal of the day. Children should never be sent off to school without a balanced breakfast in their tummies. Teachers are well aware of the parents who fail to feed their kids a good breakfast. Sugar highs and subsequent crashes do not bode well for success in the classroom. Remember, breakfast is brain food.

Kit Kats are not acceptable breakfast foods. If you discover that your precious child has fixed himself a big bowl of bite-sized Kit Kats for breakfast, you as the responsible parent must act quickly.

Remove the bowl and seize this teachable moment. State that candy is not good for breakfast. Explain the difference between complex and simple sugars. Praise whole grains and proteins. Offer three delicious alternatives to the candy. Your child will smile and thank you.


When the little sugar hog isn't looking, swipe most of the Kit Kats from the bowl and hide them in a drawer. DO NOT remove all the Kit Kats at once. This will arouse suspicion. The child must think he has eaten the Kit Kats and doesn't remember doing so. Place healthy cereal (wipout milk) in a Zip-Lock bag and give it to the child on the car ride to school. Hopefully, the whole grains will "soak up" some of that sugar before the tardy bell rings.

Back home, dispose of the offending candies so this episode is not repeated. But don't throw the Kit Kats away, eat them yourself. Feel no guilt, you are helping your child. You are a great parent.


  1. Something like this would *never* happen at my house. ;)

  2. I love the Zach went to the effort of putting the Kit Kats in a bowl and "serving" them. Love that he didn't sneak them on the sly like most kids would.

    How did the complex-vs-simple-sugars conversation go over? :)

  3. At our house it wouldn't be an issue of Kit Kats for breakfast, but leftover chocolate pie. But the solution still holds - let the parents eat it. Good idea!

  4. Kristen- "Never" is a dangerous word isn't it! This reminds me of a clever saying "I was a great parent until I had kids." Love that! We moms do what we have to:)

    Gale- Zach is anything but sly. He is bold in his choices always! Never discussed the sugars. I went with the option of sneaking Kit Kats from the bowl and eating them later.

    Warren- yes, eat the chocolate pie yourself. We must sacrifice for our children:)

  5. Lolololooloool!!! I wish I could've seen him selecting the bowl and preparing his breakfast. " I want kit kat!" You r a creative and fun mom! Remember allour friends who had moms who gave them the sugar talk? They just came to our house and had fun!

  6. Love it! Soooo cute. And yeah, mine usually just sneak candy. Even my 3 year old - we recently found her standing on the kitchen countertop about to raid the 'secret stash'. Unreal.
    Mornings pretty much mean pancakes around here, which when you think about it is actually just CAKE without the frosting. But they of course comes the SYRUP!
    Batter Blaster organic pancakes in a can are out latest fave, it's certainly the best panckakes they're gonna get on a school day as we are constantly running 10-15 minutes behind schedule.
    Oh well. That's life. Stay warm all,

  7. Does it count if the Kit Kats I "sneak" are the ones I bought for Halloween candy and "hid" for myself?
    And Claire, I am liking the instant pancakes angle. Batter Blaster? Never heard of it but I will look. We all love pancakes but seldom if ever eat them during the week.

  8. Remember, sugar gives you energy, duh?